Agent X
Agent x
Appeared in Sector Seven
The Real Effing Deal
Status Living
Actor  ??

Agent X is a hacker who broke into Sector Seven's super-top secret website and started leaking information about the mysterious creatures known as N.B.E.s. There is a possibility that there might or might not be a chance that he is also a ninja. One thing's for sure, and that's Sector Seven is PISSED.


Sector Seven continutyEdit

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Sector Seven Agent X contacted Leo Spitz and fed him information, much of which was previously stolen and released on the Sector Seven website. Leo Spitz reports that Agent X has been on the run since the Mission City incident.[1] The Real Effing Deal Robo-Warrior, on the other hand, says he doubts Agent X's very existence, but refers to her as "she." [2]


  • Sector 7 canon (2 appearances)