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Capture the Cube is an online game, part of PepsiCo's entry into the array of online games put out in the promotional blitz for the 2007 Transformers film. The game was developed by Tribal DDB Dallas, with animation being provided by the Canadian animation studio Replaced by Robots. Capture the Cube was put up on PepsiCo's Mountain Dew website on June 9, 2007, and is yet to be taken down.

In Capture the Cube, you play Dewbot, a Transformer who has staked out Sector Seven headquarters in hopes of capturing the AllSpark from the very fat (presumably from drinking too much of his Mountain Dew) fleshlings who have seized it.

The game is unique among the online offerings in that it offers 5 video cutscenes between levels.

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You control Dewbot from a top-down point of view, making your way through five levels whilst avoiding patrolling humans, security lasers and other obstacles. Being spotted raises Sector Seven's security level, and raising it too high leads to game over. Pressing Enter makes Dewbot transform into vending machine mode, causing passing humans to disregard him... but not without purchasing a refreshing Mountain Dew™, granting you bonus points in the process.

You can also make Dewbot dance by pressing D. Aside from being hilarious, this grants you bonus points when done once a level.


  • The coding isn't all it could be, and walking too close to a wall can leave you stuck to it, unable to move. Be careful.
  • If you transform in the wrong way, people will keep buying drinks from you and won't leave you alone until you scare them away.

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