Freddy tf rotf
Appeared in Sector Seven
Status Living
Gender Male

Freddy is a macho, sentient flame grill, hoping to get involved in the Autobots campaign with his mighty transformation of turning from a flame grill... into an open flame grill! He turned down the chance to work with George Foreman cos he wasn't tough enough! Not like Freddy! Freddy's one hardcore, macho motha!


Sector Seven ContinuityEdit

Reggie Simmons received a review copy of the viral ad featuring Freddy's screen test as part of the Hungry Dragon 2 disinformation campaign. Sector Seven (game)

Revenge of the Fallen promoEdit

Freddy took one look at footage of the Decepticons and quietly asked if he could apply for a catering job instead.


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    • Unknown Promo