Laserbeak (Movie)
DOTM Laserbeak videogame
Appeared in Sector Seven
Status Deceased
Alive (in the Sector 7 and Video Game continuty)
Gender Male
Actor Keith Szarabajka

An example of a mechanimal re-engineered to serve Transformers, Laserbeak serves the Decepticons primarily as a scout and spy for Soundwave. But that doesn't mean he isn't capable of other tasks, such as hunting down targets for capture, be they human or Autobot.[1]

Perhaps the most useful of his abilities is to transform into almost any type of alternate mode, even those who aren't alternate modes.


Sector Seven continutyEdit

S7 NBE57

In a strange world where Transformers are a government secret that has inspired a toys, a cartoon, a film and more, a robot resembling Laserbeak was captured on film by some civilians when he transformed out of his alternate mode as a flash card into a vaguely draconian avian robot mode, remaining at the same diminutive size, and flew away. The footage fell into the hands of Sector Seven, who classified this robot "N.B.E. 57". Sector Seven



  • Sector 7 canon (1 appearances)


  • Laserbeak was in an early draft of The Reign of Starscream, but was dropped at Hasbro's request.[2]
  • Previous beast-like robots didn't talk because the production team thought it would be "weird". Apparently, they changed their minds when it came Laserbeak's turn.
  • Alternate modes that Laserbeak has been known to assume include a hover jet, a photocopier/printer, an LCD television screen, a wall-mounted CD player, and a child sized, fuchsia Bumblebee.
  • According to some concept art, he was supposed to transform from what looks like an electronic plush penguin to a penguin/condor/dragon-hybrid robot with VTOL wings. The robot mode is both ridiculous and freaky.
  • Surprisingly, his Vector Sigma database claims he has no vehicle modes, despite also having a picture of him in vehicle mode. Someone clearly didn't pay attention to the merchandise.
  • Though it is implied that Laserbeak was the one torturing Jerry Wang as an evil computer and mouse, when Sam leaves the room Laserbeak transforms from the television on the other side of the office while the mouse that had been clamped around Jerry's hand just stays on the desk.
  • Although referred to in the movie as a photocopier, Laserbeak's second alternate mode is a Canon ImageClass MF8350Cdn Multifunction Printer. It was presumably colored black to better match Laserbeak's robot mode.
  • The wall-mounted CD player that served as Laserbeak's final alternate mode is a Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000.
  • Unlike his counterparts from other continuities who made bird sounds and were less anthropomorphic, he speaks English. He also seems to be more based on a vulture rather than a condor.
  • Laserbeak, like Megatron from the first movie, does not fly straight and twirls and twists in flight.
  • This Laserbeak it seems can turn into multiple objects, from a printer/copier, a pink and smaller copy of "Bumblebee", a computer monitor with keyboard and mouse, and a wall-mounted television.
    • There was no logical reason for the girl to have known who Bumblebee was or what he looked like, especially considering that her father had been sworn to secrecy by the US government, was likely retired from service, and had probably never met Bumblebee.
  • This Laserbeak seems to be skilled at acting as well as disguise; when he disguises himself as the pink robot, he asks in a remarkably friendly tone of voice if the girl's father is home. When the parents walk in, he is sitting beside her on the couch while she reads to him from an open book in her lap, which suggests that he has kept up the charade for several minutes, if not longer.
  • The sounds Laserbeak makes while in his copier disguise are the notes to the theme song from The Transformers.
  • Laserbeak is the only animalistic Transformer to be capable of speech in the films.
  • Footage of Laserbeak as a photocopier from Dark of the Moon film is used in an advertisement fro Double A, and at the end of the ad, it says you should watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
  • Laserbeak, as well as Ravage, the Insecticons, and the Driller, is an example of re-engineered Cybertronic wildlife.
  • Laserbeak seems to resemble Nivawk, Turaga Dume's pet bird from Bionicle