Mario tf rotf
Appeared in Sector Seven
Status Living
Gender Male

Mario is a hyperactive, sentient espresso machine hailing from Italy. With his speed and blinding sprays of steam, he's a self-styled master of evasion.


Sector Seven continutyEdit

Reggie Simmons received a review copy of the viral ad featuring Mario's screen test as part of the Hungry Dragon 2 disinformation campaign. Sector Seven (game)

Revenge of the Fallen promoEdit

Much like Freddy before him, Mario wimped out from joining the Autobot forces and tried to switch to catering when he saw footage of Transformers in action. Security was called on him when he began harassing the recruitment woman to order coffee.


  • Sector 7 canon (1 appearances)
  • Commercials canon (1 appearances)
    • Unknown Promo