Transformers: Rise of the Chevy Autobots is an online game on the US Chevrolet website created in 2007 to tie in with the live-action movie. In it, players pick and develop their Chevy Autobots and challenge each other to battle as training in preparation for a war against the forces of Mainframe, a malevolent outcast Decepticon.


Two small Autobot teams arrived on Earth, looking for the All Spark...only the Decepticons had gotten there first! Flash and Ridge were MIA, and Sphinx was killed. Only Bumblebee remained alive and free. He established a temporary communications hub on a website and began documenting and communicating with anyone who heard it, hoping to form an Autobot army that could stop the Decepticons and locate the MIA Flash and Ridge. The Chevy Autobots were that army.

The Decepticons swiftly began hacking the Autobot transmissions, and the website itself was compromised. However, in the midst of the chaos, agent the bruiseotron was able to crack a Decepticon code. This became the start of the counteroffensive. The Chevy team began to crack more and more codes, bringing them ever closer to locating the enemy, thanks to the heroic work of agents Svenimous Prime, Seximous Prime, Deathbringer, Pelgarotron, and Farkus Maximus (this last one singled out especially by Bumblebee). In between operations, they would train and upgrade themselves. Meanwhile, Bumblebee was taunted by a Decepticon message seemingly from Sphinx, warning "He's coming for you"...

Disaster struck when the Autobots gained a lead on their lost comrades: a report by General Motors scientist Dina Morgan on alternative fuels, citing energon. Unfortunately, the Decepticons got there first...again. Neither the Autobots nor Morgan were found in the burning wreckage.

The 25th of May, 2007 saw the start of the full Decepticon offensive. The Chevy Autobots rolled out to stop drone swarms across the Earth, while agent Evobot broke the codes that revealed their foe: the spark-devouring Mainframe. Now knowing the enemy, Bumblebee decided to draw Mainframe's forces into ambushes by leaking false info on possible All Spark locations. Meanwhile, Flash sent out a brief communication, warning Bumblebee to forget him and focus on stopping the enemy. Strangely, he said Sphinx was with them...

Soon after, Dina Morgan contacted Bumblebee, stating she knew where the All Spark was, that the enemy were after her, and that she needed help. While knowing she was bait for a Decepticon trap, it was his duty to try and save her; he thus walked into a horde of drones. His last transmission before capture ordered the Chevy Autobots to keep fighting in his absence.

A few days later, as the Chevy Autobots tried to fight without their leader, they were contacted by the mysterious 10-22, Bumblebee's contact on Cybertron, now in Earth's solar system to take command. He revealed he'd been the one sending encrypted intelligence about Mainframe, and that he was now sending them data on Mainframe's location. Soon, he had instigated a new form of communication and helped the Autobots to access new powers. Under his guidance, the rejuvenated Chevy Autobots were getting closer and closer to neutralising the Decepticons! Curiously, 10-22 also reported the messages from Flash were authentic, but contained traces of Ridge, Sphinx and Bumblebee's electronic signatures, as if all four were sending a signal on the same frequency at the same time...

That's when Mainframe dropped the bombshell: He contacted the Autobots and told him their lost comrades were inside him. 10-22 theorised that the sparks the monster absorbed remained conscious within him for some time. Suddenly, it became imperative to track the monster down—they had to get their men back before it was too late!

Mainframe began contacting Autobots to taunt them, hoping to break their spirits, but it was for naught. Soon, they'd tracked him down to the Arctic. His mighty general Maelstrom stood before them, and 10-22 ordered the entire Chevy Autobot regiment to go into battle. It took a month to bring the creature down, but Mainframe was scared into making a big mistake: using part of his own spark to regenerate Maelstrom, leaving himself weaker! 10-22 arrived on Earth (revealing himself to be Optimus Prime) and led the Chevys in their final strike on Mainframe's fortress.

The Autobots triumphed, restoring their comrades and ending the threat of Mainframe, but Dina Morgan’s whereabouts remained unknown.

Basic gameplayEdit

After registering and naming a character (including using a menu to select such popular Transformers suffixes as "Prime", "Supreme" or "-otron" if desired), players choose one of seven different styles of Chevy Autobot, with different power levels and special moves, each being tied in to a feature of the actual car/truck model. They can then use "upgrade points" to augment their robot's abilities or add new moves. The model of Autobot can be changed any time the player wishes, though upgrade points need to be re-assigned each time.

From there, players can challenge other online players to combat. Players are given the status of their challengers, and can decline battles if they wish, with no penalty to either side. Battles are five rounds, with each player picking their moves and what part of their opponent they target with that move (if applicable) for all five rounds before the fight. Once both players have made their choices, the battle takes place in animated cutscenes, and whoever does the most damage to their opponent wins (for the most part, see below). Each player is only allowed to make ten challenges a day, and cannot challenge the same player more than once (though two players can challenge each other). There is no apparent limit to the number of challenges a player can accept. Challenges that go unanswered appear to be refunded to the player after a certain amount of time.

Players are granted more upgrade points upon reaching a certain number of wins, and more upgrade. Periodically, Bumblebee would post Decepticon codes to the news portion of the site. Players who entered the prize contests (see below) could enter their attempts to crack the codes, earning prizes, as well as granted upgrade points and new upgrade possibilities to all registered players.

Eventually, the ability to challenge computer-controlled drones was granted. The drones appear to follow randomized attack patterns, but are also given much higher HP values. Soon after the drone appearances, Bumblebee was abducted by Mainframe. A new Autobot, using the identity "10-22", replaced Bumblebee and sent new transmissions to find Mainframe's base. After players decoded all transmissions, the drone general Maelstrom was unlocked as an opponent.


Basic strategiesEdit

  • Doing 100% damage to an opponent's head or torso obviously ends the fight then and there. However, the head is the hardest part of the opponent to hit, while the torso has the most hit points.
  • Destroying an opponent's arms prevents them using melee attacks.
  • Destroying an opponent's legs prevents them from dodging attacks.


Playable Chevy Autobot typesEdit

Non-playable AutobotsEdit


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  • A major outage shortly after the site went online was met with an apology from Bumblebee when it came back online, explaining he let his guard down for "only a moment" and the Decepticons attacked the communications hub, and that it took him several days to set up a new one. (It was a very cute apology!)
  • The site is now closed down. (For good this time.) Luckily, fan Monzo saved a copy of it.

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