There are multiple comics that are part of the 2007 movie franchise, from several different publishers:

  • Transformers: Movie Prequel — a four-issue prequel mini-series from IDW Publishing, released monthly before the theatrical release of movie. Simply named Transformers: Movie Prequel on the covers, it covers the time from the loss of the AllSpark to the arrival of the Transformers on Earth. This covers events such as how Bumblebee lost his voice and Megatron's arrival on Earth, and also ties into the teaser trailer showing the destruction of the Beagle 2 Rover. An animated (sort of) version was later available on a Wal*Mart exclusive bonus disc with the movie DVD, titled Transformers: Beginnings.
  • Transformers Movie Prequel — two comics produced by IDW in cooperation with Target. Both were originally titled Transformers: Official Movie Prequel, as was the four-issue mini-series.
    • "Interlude" (10 pages) was available as a free giveaway at BotCon 2007 and in theaters coinciding with the movie's theatrical release. It is set during the events of Movie Prequel #4, and deals with Bumblebee running into both Sector Seven and the Decepticons.
    • "Planetfall" (22 pages) was available as a Target exclusive pack-in bonus with the Movie DVD. It depicts the Decepticons' arrival on Earth, thereby contradicting the fourth issue of Movie Prequel.
Both comics were also freely available in PDF from from Target's website before they were released in printed form, and were later reprinted as a single volume by IDW as the Transformers: Official Movie Prequel Special.
  • The Transformers: Official Movie Adaptation, another four-issue mini-series from IDW released weekly before the movie's theatrical release. Based on an older version of the screenplay for the movie, it tells the basic plot with a few differences to the movie itself, due to last-minute changes to the script.
  • Transformers: The Reign of Starscream (aka Transformers: Official Movie Sequel) - an IDW mini-series in five issues following up on from the movie. This leads directly into the Revenge of the Fallen franchise comic Transformers: Alliance.
  • Transformers — a monthly title in the United Kingdom by Titan Magazines. The first six issues published original 10-page strips that cover the time before the movie. Similar to the original Marvel UK comics, these strips tie into reprints of IDW's Movie Prequel mini-series (which serve as 7-page back-up strips). Issue #7–8 featured Earth-based stories taken place between the Mission City battle and the epilogue scenes in the film. Issues #9-25 feature a 5-part alternate-universe story in which the Decepticons won the battle with the Autobots. It also reprints The Gathering|. The UK-exclusive stories from the first eight issues of the magazine were reprinted by IDW as a four-issue series entitled Transformers Movie Prequel: Saga of the Allspark.
  • Transformers Battle Card Collection [1] (release date unknown) — produced by Eaglemoss, the card game will include a Simon Furman-written text version of the movie, 10 collectible cards per issue and more. See the TV ad on

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